Friday, April 07, 2006

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I've posted and in a way life has changed for the better in the interim. The spring semester started with all the bang and hullabaloo of the previous semester only this time it was the mad rush for internship as opposed to making new friends, networking and the likes.

Fortunately for me I was off the internship race pretty soon and I'll be interning with a consulting firm this summer in Dallas. Both the first round and second round interviews were held on the same day and was notified of the offer by the end of the fifth day from the interview date. The moment I knew I was in, I dropped all the interviews I was slotted to go for which included Microsoft too. It felt good as there were lot of odds stacked against me (atleast on paper) so to overcome those and gain a consulting internship is a feat in itself. And trust me I dont wanna sound boastful here but it is just my sense of relief thats speaking. As it is, I was just waiting for an excuse to take it easy and with the internship in the bag I just took my foot off the pedal. Though I've been putting in the required amount of effort... its not the crazy kinds I was doing last semester.

Mid-terms got done in early march. This semester I've only two exams so it was not much of an effort and somehow I didnt get as tensed as last semester and if I could speak for others they too were nonchalant. After my exams and before I went into my spring break, I visited the Dallas office of the firm I'm interning with and boy! wasn't I treated well. I was put up in an expensive hotel, chaperoned, wined and dined around and generally make me feel wanted. It is not something I'm used to and was wondering whether 6 months of MBA education really made me worthy of all this attention. Hmm...

Had gone over to Washington D.C to meet my former project mates for the spring break. It was fun to catch up with all those folks and talk about my time there. After the break life is just carrying along normal. There are still a few people left in my friends group who are yet to get their internships. I just hope they get it soon as it will be good to know about their internship prospects and where they would be this summer. The semester is nearing to an end. May 4th is the final days of classes with one exam being on May 10th and other one being on May 13th. I'll try and reschedule the 2nd exam earlier to just get it done with ASAP. If things fall into place, me and some of my friends plan to go a south american country to do a community project. It will be a great experience plus it will be a novel way to see a new country. Part of the expenses would be funded by the school.

I start my internship on June 5th and it'll go on till Aug 11th. This Sunday I will be going for an Indian Ocean concert here in Austin. Hope it is fun.