Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back to the grind...

The spring semester starts today. I will be taking two core courses: IT management and Strategy and three elective courses New Product Development, Strategic Analysis of Hi-Tech Industry and Advanced Corporate Finance. Though I'm thinking of dropping Advanced Corp and going for Consumer Behaviour. Mondays are going to be bad for me as I have 6 hours of class on that day but then I can have an early weekend (literally) as I have only one class on Thursday.

Enjoyed the break though not to the hilt. I had gone out for a week with friends on a road trip and that was about the fun I had during the break. Since coming back I have been preparing for case interviews and am currently racking my brain to come up with answers for common behavioral questions. Consulting companies guage a candidate's analytical abilities by giving them cases to solve, hence the pain of practicing them.

Till now, I have been invited by Mercer consulting and Deloitte consulting to interview with them. I interview with Mercer on the 25th and with Deloitte on 27th. I am keeping my fingers crossed for both of them and just hope that I strike gold.

I have a few leadership positions in student organizations, so would be busy participating in them. Also, I want to make this semester a lot less stressful than last semester which means that I would be going out more often though not before I am done with my round of interviews.

Lets see how the spring semester unfolds.