Monday, November 07, 2005

Dazed and Confused...

Woo hoo...the finals are over. How did I do...I really dont care. I'm just glad at being done with my final exams and also for getting through, unarguably, the toughest 4 months of my life. Phew! that was some experience.

Again, I apologize for not regularly updating my blog. Too put it mildly, it was just bad time management from my side.

Ok. Now about my experiences. Well! there are too many things to write. First thing I can think of is that it was definitely much tougher than I thought.I certainly didnt expect to put in so much hard work to get decent grades leave alone good grades. I just sincerely hope that the academic workload eases out in the subsequent semesters.

I came here with the goal of getting into tech marketing but with all the talk about consulting, I too got sucked into the herd mentaility and thought of giving consulting a shot. With that I religously attended all the info sessions given by consulting companies, sent Thank-you notes to all the recruiters and did all the schmoozing thats expected for a consulting internship or job. But these companies have extracting standards for GPA and with my 'not-so-good' GPA, I dont think I'll make the cut. So consulting has dropped of the radar for me by force than by choice. One less decision to make.

Throughout the semester, apart from trying to keep up with all the assignments, class readings and group projects, I also participated in most of the case challenge competitions. Though I didn't make it to the any of the finals of these competitions but it sure gave me lot of confidence in public speaking and also in handling googly questions when you havent had a wink of sleep the previous night.

The next semester starts from Jan 17th and I've been told that its when the real fun starts as we would have to handle all the academic workload and at the same time work on getting an internship too. With a month's break, guess I'll be ready for that. Have also assumed leadership positions in two organizations and will officialy take over office in January. I would have to factor in additional time to work for these organizations.

I will be taking off on a road trip with friends tomorrow and will be traversing thru Texas, New Mexico and Colorado and make my way back to Austin by either 29th or 30th. The subsequent days till school reopens will be spent prepping for interviews and also working for the organizations that I'm part of.

Finally, I hope to be a regular blogger not only during the break but also during the next semester. Lets see how it goes. Maybe I should make that my New Year's resolution.