Saturday, October 15, 2005


I have not posted since the first day of my school. Things have been thrown at us at a rapid pace. A pace which I not accustomed to and still struggling to come to terms with.

The whole MBA experience is overwhelming in every sense. No matter how big a expectation you have when you come back to school, its gonna exceed it.

Its almost 45 days into the program.

What have I learnt ? A lot. Some tangible and some intangible.

Have I changed? A lot. Confidence, attitude and belief in yourself has soared high.

My mid-terms start from next week. I have been on 4 hour sleep for the past 10 days.

Just waiting for next Friday night when I'll be done with 1/8th of my program. Of course the interim period is of utmost importance.

I owe my blog readers and some other folks a detailed account and I promise I'll do that after mid-terms.