Saturday, June 25, 2005


Finally, my loan sanction letter got thru and I was able to take an interview invite date. I go for my visa interview on June 29th at 8:15 AM. Have been busy collecting the required bank statements and other documents.

The rains have started in Mumbai and boy! aren't the rain gods having a blast. It has been pouring heavily for the past 5 days and going by the signs, it does not seem to be abating soon. I'm enjoying Mumbai rains after 2 and 1/2 years and to come to think of it, this rain would be the last for a couple of more years to come.

After some goading, my mom was able to come up with a set of dates that would be auspicious for me to fly.Taking that into account, I'm flying on the 3rd of August with either Air India or Lufthansa thus leaving me ample time to settle in before the accounting boot camp starts on the 16th.

Also, I have been speaking to quiet a few of my classmates, all keyed in and as excited as I'm about starting a new and an adventurous phase in life. The excitement of going back to school is palpable for me. I have never been an outstanding student or topper in the real sense but the thought of studying a particular subject or concentrating on one particular topic for a period of time gives me a high.

And as an incentive for people like me who have lower attention spans, McCombs has brought down the class time from 2 hours to 1.5 hours. This in addition to the reduction in number of students for the current year from 320 to 260. This developments are in all line with UT's goal to become the best public school in the nation by 2010.

I'm waiting for my visa to be granted before registering for orientation. Orientation starts on 22nd Aug and go on till the 29th. Classes start on the 31st. McCombites and fellow UT-Austinites are still debating whether to go for University supplied health insurance or private insruance. Each has its pro and cons with the private insurance being obviously cheaper but low on benefits.I'm inclined towards the UT provided insurance but will wait for the debate to conclude before deciding which one to opt for.

And next time someone chides you for dozing of during office hours, just point him/her to this article.