Thursday, May 12, 2005

Visa Power..Go Get it...

I had come early to India to work on my financial documents and get my visa ASAP but what I have done in the past 15 days does not place me any better than where I was in US.

I have gathered some mean info regarding F1 visa processing in India (especially Mumbai) and I'm detailing that below:

Once you have got your admission, there are two ways of scheduling an appointment: -

A) Online:
1) To select an appointment date online (Mumbai Consulate) (Other than Mumbai consulate)

Available date for ONLINE appointment:

* For the Mumbai consulate, I-20 is not required when scheduling an interview online but you have to submit the I-20 and original passport (for verification) within 20 days of taking an appointment.

2) Courier the Demand Draft for the fees and required documentation to the application centre. They will then e-mail you your fee receipt and Appointment Letter.

B) Offline:Visit one of the Application Centres - - get your documents checked, pay your fees, and collect an Appointment Letter.

Every student entering US for the first time has to pay this fee.
This fee can be paid here :

The bulk of the work for the whole visa process is getting your financial documents ready. contains all the required forms and information regarding the F1 visa process.

Financial document formats can be found here :

There are a few groups wherein you can post your queries regarding the visa process and get it answered:

1) f1visa2usa (Thanks AttaGirl)
2) f1_visa
3) visaguru

Check out the files sections too of these groups, you can find visa interview experiences and loads of others stuff.

If you feel less secure of getting your visa for one reason or the other, visa consultants can always come handy.In Mumbai, these are the two consultants that I know of :
Madhavi Desai --
Rajesh Arjun International--

As for me, even though I can show the required amount in liquid cash + assets, I was advised to improve my liquid cash reserves. To do that, I will be taking a loan from either State Bank of India or Bank of Baroda and would decide based on the interest rate.