Saturday, May 07, 2005


Expectedly, life has been good for me the past few days. Have not been up any day before 10 AM, reading morning paper for hours at length with music blaring in the background. ( With all the remix and bhangra music crap being blurted out all day long,Channel V and MTV seem to have gone to the dogs.Nights are different, they show some decent desi and videsi stuff). I no longer have to think about what I need to cook for lunch/dinner, everything is ready , you just have to initiate the process of eating.Wish these days could just go on and on. But as it was during college days, the royal treatment remains for 2-3 weeks only after that its back to reality. Then you are no longer the celebrity that you were when you had landed, you go back to being the youngest member of your family, which means you get back to doing the most frivolous of household chores and being chided in public by your mom.

Have joined back office, meaning I just dip in for 2-3 hours. I have been mostly dealing with the HR department regarding my resignation from the company and trust them to give me a hard time. The exit date and terms of resignation are still in the works. My office has undergone a conspicous change in the past one year. The standard of canteen food has gone up a few notches, and much to my surprise a seperate diet lunch/dinner counter has also been opened. In one of those rare occassions when I would be in office during the lunch/dinner hours, I plan to check out this counter. Recreational facilities have also been ramped up.But the biggest difference has been in the increase in numbers and more importantly the quality of girls in the office campus. Now where were all these girls when I was working in India.

Had a night out in the town last Saturday with my friends from engineering college, did the usual stuff, eating out, cathing up on frenz, lazing around Marine Drive at night and of course watching a movie. Nowadays in Mumbai, late night movies start as late as 12 AM. Had only 2 options Hitch and XXX-2 and since I had already seen Hitch we went for XXX-2, fully aware that its not going to be an enjoyable experience.It was true to its word with Ice Cube trying to match the machoism of Vin Diesel and failing miserably.Crashed at my friends place, well! I cant term it as a crash as were up till 6 AM talking.

One more week of fooling around at office and then I leave for kerala, my home state, on the 15th. Have host of things lined up with an house-warming ceremony of our house in kerala, cousin's wedding laced in with the customary ritual of visiting all relatvies' house's. With few other cousins coming over, it will be fun with lots of Kerala-style partying. So thats about the
fun part, would put up another blog on where I'm with my visa and loan stuff pretty soon.