Saturday, April 23, 2005

Country Roads..

Country Roads, take me home
To the place I belong
West Virginia (India), mountain momma
Take me home, country roads
-- John Denver

Leaving for India today, would be boarding a Mumbai bound flight at 9 PM EST. I'm experiencing a gamut of emotions from being exhilarated to being lonely. Was up last night trying to fit all the stuff that I have accumulated in the past two years inside the prescribed weight limits. Plan to call up my frenz from the airport and if I'm done with that then blog some more about how I'm feeling right now. International flights have always been eventful for me and I'm sure I'll have stories to tell from this journey too. Would like to chill the first few days before joining back work again. Most of the blogging from now on would be done from the work place. I would try and detail the whole I-20 and student visa procuring procedure in my next few blogs.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005


My blog has been featured as the Blog of the Day at BlogStreet India.

Just living my last few days in Falls Church, VA as I'm returning back to India on the 23rd. Since I was supposed to leave on the 9th itself, almost all the things have been take care of. Farewell gifts have been given and received, pretty much done with farewell parties with just one more to go to tomorrow, have transferred the lease, suspended my cell phone connection from the 24th and even had my last hair cut here.

2 years at one place can be a pretty long time and it has been. The takeaways are many and would list them out as soon as I get some time. Last night spent my time sorting out my mails, I have enough trash to fill up the apartment dumpster. Half of it are the damn credit card offers. Monday had been to Thai Square, me and my roomies' favorite thai joint. We have raked up a schedule as to who-will-cook-what for this week, with me making dishes in which I'm good at and my roomies making dishes which I like.

The first thing I would do after reaching India is get a F1 visa interview date. I've been hearing all kinda stories about when you should go and what you should say during the visa interview and that the pattern in which visa's are granted change each year. So would take some time to assimilate information before coming up with my own rationale of why I'm not a prospective immigrant to US.