Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Season's Greeting To All

Hope everybody had a great Christmas. This is my second christmas in US and with me being knee-deep into essays I can guaranteedly say that the first one was better.I have no particluar plans for New Year either, might just go to my colleague's house for a small party.

As for the status of my applications, well the good news is I have finally got my transcripts from India but on the flip side my recommenders were not ready with their recommendations on time for me to send the whole ISB package by Thursday. In the meanwhile, I have been chipping away at other apps and I must say I am getting a pretty decent feeling of all the essays. I got some neat feedback from a lady friend and with one more round of review from my english grad friend I guess I will be be good to go.

As McCombs follows rolling admissions pattern, I would be sending my apps first to them with Tepper,ISB and Kelley to follow.The last school I would be applying to would be Georgetown. I am not sure whether I would be going to Georgetown if I am accepted there.

Actually its kinda strange, my mom and dad wants me to come back to India and study and your truly wants to do it here. Its not as if I wanna stay back in US forever but I feel the job experience here would help me have kickass resume when I do go back to India. But then you don't do everything for yourself do you...? Well I guess I'm counting the chickens before they have hatched. So will wait for the results of these apps to trickle in before I decide.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Thats The Way It Is...

Have not updated the blog for some time now...its sheer laziness for sure.Surely not the best of times for me with 4 applications due in the next 25 days. I am all over the place with regards to my essays, have still not got my transcripts from India and to top it all my recommenders are off for their Christmas vacation leaving me in a lurch. Of course its my fault cos I never pushed enought to elicit a sharp response from them.

Eagerly waiting for the transcripts to come so that atleast I could take care of the snail mail part of the applications.Hopefully, by that time my recommeders should be ready with their recommendations for McCombs and ISB.

On another front, saw Closer starring my fav fav actress Julia 'The Wide Smile' Roberts. Hmm..what can I say about the movie. Julia has got the least powerful of the roles but then its very different from the sugar-candy roles she normally plays.The film is full of profanities and thrives on abrasive explicit sexual dialogues. Even though everybody is raving about Natalie Portman's performance, for me its Clive Owen. His expressive eyes does everything for him, converys all the meanness that his character needs to. Overall, its the Oscar kinda movie...a mature love story. It wont entertain you but force you to think.

Now you would ask me If I'm such a big fan of Julia why haven't I watched Ocean's Twelve. Well, I have been told that Julia has teeny-weeny role in the movie and infact the role is so small that I blink and I miss her. But would surely watch the movie once I'm done with my apps or if I get some time during the X'mas/New Yr weekend.

No particular plans for the coming two long weekends. I am banking on these two weekend to carry me thru with all the essays. I have got feedback on my essays from few people, need to incorporate the same.