Friday, April 07, 2006

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I've posted and in a way life has changed for the better in the interim. The spring semester started with all the bang and hullabaloo of the previous semester only this time it was the mad rush for internship as opposed to making new friends, networking and the likes.

Fortunately for me I was off the internship race pretty soon and I'll be interning with a consulting firm this summer in Dallas. Both the first round and second round interviews were held on the same day and was notified of the offer by the end of the fifth day from the interview date. The moment I knew I was in, I dropped all the interviews I was slotted to go for which included Microsoft too. It felt good as there were lot of odds stacked against me (atleast on paper) so to overcome those and gain a consulting internship is a feat in itself. And trust me I dont wanna sound boastful here but it is just my sense of relief thats speaking. As it is, I was just waiting for an excuse to take it easy and with the internship in the bag I just took my foot off the pedal. Though I've been putting in the required amount of effort... its not the crazy kinds I was doing last semester.

Mid-terms got done in early march. This semester I've only two exams so it was not much of an effort and somehow I didnt get as tensed as last semester and if I could speak for others they too were nonchalant. After my exams and before I went into my spring break, I visited the Dallas office of the firm I'm interning with and boy! wasn't I treated well. I was put up in an expensive hotel, chaperoned, wined and dined around and generally make me feel wanted. It is not something I'm used to and was wondering whether 6 months of MBA education really made me worthy of all this attention. Hmm...

Had gone over to Washington D.C to meet my former project mates for the spring break. It was fun to catch up with all those folks and talk about my time there. After the break life is just carrying along normal. There are still a few people left in my friends group who are yet to get their internships. I just hope they get it soon as it will be good to know about their internship prospects and where they would be this summer. The semester is nearing to an end. May 4th is the final days of classes with one exam being on May 10th and other one being on May 13th. I'll try and reschedule the 2nd exam earlier to just get it done with ASAP. If things fall into place, me and some of my friends plan to go a south american country to do a community project. It will be a great experience plus it will be a novel way to see a new country. Part of the expenses would be funded by the school.

I start my internship on June 5th and it'll go on till Aug 11th. This Sunday I will be going for an Indian Ocean concert here in Austin. Hope it is fun.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back to the grind...

The spring semester starts today. I will be taking two core courses: IT management and Strategy and three elective courses New Product Development, Strategic Analysis of Hi-Tech Industry and Advanced Corporate Finance. Though I'm thinking of dropping Advanced Corp and going for Consumer Behaviour. Mondays are going to be bad for me as I have 6 hours of class on that day but then I can have an early weekend (literally) as I have only one class on Thursday.

Enjoyed the break though not to the hilt. I had gone out for a week with friends on a road trip and that was about the fun I had during the break. Since coming back I have been preparing for case interviews and am currently racking my brain to come up with answers for common behavioral questions. Consulting companies guage a candidate's analytical abilities by giving them cases to solve, hence the pain of practicing them.

Till now, I have been invited by Mercer consulting and Deloitte consulting to interview with them. I interview with Mercer on the 25th and with Deloitte on 27th. I am keeping my fingers crossed for both of them and just hope that I strike gold.

I have a few leadership positions in student organizations, so would be busy participating in them. Also, I want to make this semester a lot less stressful than last semester which means that I would be going out more often though not before I am done with my round of interviews.

Lets see how the spring semester unfolds.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

National Champions

Texas - Longhorns is the new National College Football Champion.

With Vince Young's eight-yard touchdown run with 19 seconds to play, Texas clinched the championship in a thrilling manner after being 38-26 down with 6 minutes to go in the final quarter. Vince Young, Texas' premier quarterback, was GOD today and he deserved all the applause, adulation and the MVP he received after the game.

What a game and hell! what a team.

Hook'em Horns. Lets get the title next year too.

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year...

Wish you all a very Happy and Fun Filled New Year.
May all your wishes come true this year.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Dazed and Confused...

Woo hoo...the finals are over. How did I do...I really dont care. I'm just glad at being done with my final exams and also for getting through, unarguably, the toughest 4 months of my life. Phew! that was some experience.

Again, I apologize for not regularly updating my blog. Too put it mildly, it was just bad time management from my side.

Ok. Now about my experiences. Well! there are too many things to write. First thing I can think of is that it was definitely much tougher than I thought.I certainly didnt expect to put in so much hard work to get decent grades leave alone good grades. I just sincerely hope that the academic workload eases out in the subsequent semesters.

I came here with the goal of getting into tech marketing but with all the talk about consulting, I too got sucked into the herd mentaility and thought of giving consulting a shot. With that I religously attended all the info sessions given by consulting companies, sent Thank-you notes to all the recruiters and did all the schmoozing thats expected for a consulting internship or job. But these companies have extracting standards for GPA and with my 'not-so-good' GPA, I dont think I'll make the cut. So consulting has dropped of the radar for me by force than by choice. One less decision to make.

Throughout the semester, apart from trying to keep up with all the assignments, class readings and group projects, I also participated in most of the case challenge competitions. Though I didn't make it to the any of the finals of these competitions but it sure gave me lot of confidence in public speaking and also in handling googly questions when you havent had a wink of sleep the previous night.

The next semester starts from Jan 17th and I've been told that its when the real fun starts as we would have to handle all the academic workload and at the same time work on getting an internship too. With a month's break, guess I'll be ready for that. Have also assumed leadership positions in two organizations and will officialy take over office in January. I would have to factor in additional time to work for these organizations.

I will be taking off on a road trip with friends tomorrow and will be traversing thru Texas, New Mexico and Colorado and make my way back to Austin by either 29th or 30th. The subsequent days till school reopens will be spent prepping for interviews and also working for the organizations that I'm part of.

Finally, I hope to be a regular blogger not only during the break but also during the next semester. Lets see how it goes. Maybe I should make that my New Year's resolution.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Another Year Older...

I'm another year older today. I turn 26. Somehow I feel, the number 25 has a makes you feel young. Now I'm on the wrong side of 30. Dang! am I old now.

This coming year is going to be very important in my life. If things go well, before I celebrate my 27th birthday, I'll have job in hand and preferably in the industry of my choice.

What do I wish on this birthday? Well! everything I have wished for in the years before.

Happy Birthday to you ..dude.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


I have not posted since the first day of my school. Things have been thrown at us at a rapid pace. A pace which I not accustomed to and still struggling to come to terms with.

The whole MBA experience is overwhelming in every sense. No matter how big a expectation you have when you come back to school, its gonna exceed it.

Its almost 45 days into the program.

What have I learnt ? A lot. Some tangible and some intangible.

Have I changed? A lot. Confidence, attitude and belief in yourself has soared high.

My mid-terms start from next week. I have been on 4 hour sleep for the past 10 days.

Just waiting for next Friday night when I'll be done with 1/8th of my program. Of course the interim period is of utmost importance.

I owe my blog readers and some other folks a detailed account and I promise I'll do that after mid-terms.